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Our top notch instructors have thousands of hours flying experience gained in the military and commercial aviation.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.  At the AFA, our fleet of one Cessna 172 is maintained by Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance at Thruxton for your safety and convenience. 

EASA Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) 

Our PPL initial training introduces the candidate to flight in a single engine aeroplane and starts with general handling until a good proficiency is obtained.

All training takes place in our Cessna 172. Minimum hours to obtain a PPL are 45 hours, which must include:

  • 10 hours Solo

  • 25 hours Dual Instruction


Key to this is the teaching of basic principles of flight - leading to the understanding of how and why the aircraft performs as it does. The next section covers practice in the airfield circuit where the candidate becomes familiar with airfield operations and skilled in take-off, landing and the recognition and correction of potential problems. The candidate will take their first solo flight in the circuit when proficient to do so.


Cross country flight, navigation and ATC

The next phase focuses on cross-country flight, which includes flight planning, visual and radio navigation, Air Traffic Control communication, practice diversions and emergency procedures including operations at larger commercial airports. This culminates in a solo cross-country flight of 150 nm landing at 2 other airfields during the flight.

The final section consists of preparation and rehearsal for the PPL skill test. All manoeuvres are reviewed during this phase and the candidate's proficiency is raised to the standard required for the PPL flight test.



During the course the candidate prepares for and sits the PPL ground examinations. There are 9 written ground exams during the course.

The PPL Skill test can be taken when the candidate has completed all required training and is at the required standard. The Skill test lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours which can be included in the 45 minimum hours required.

There is no previous experience required, although a Civil Aviation Authority Medical Certificate is required before any solo flights are undertaken. We have a EASA/CAA approved Doctor here at the Airfield.

Course prices:

The PPL course is based on the minimum 45-hour course (35 hours dual and 10 solo). Each flight is paid for after the flight is completed and prices vary depending upon the amount of  tachometer time flown.

Cost £6225



Instrument Rating (Restricted)


With the addition of an Instrument Rating Restricted (IMC Rating), the holder of a PPL has greater flexibility in terms of the weather within which he/she can safely (and legally) operate.

The course involves a minimum of 15 hours flying training, culminating in a flight test and multiple choice theoretical examination.

Cost £2125


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