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EFTS Graduates

EFTS Graduates are given credits towards the flying training requirements for a PPL(A):

Private Pilot



As an EFTS graduate you need a couple of dual refresher trips, then top up your solo FW hrs to 10 hrs total, which will include a solo 150nm long nav with two away landings and then pass a Skills Test with our examiner.  You’ll also need to do the 9 ground exams; they are quite straight forward multiple choice question papers; you can do them in 3 sittings of 3 exams.  You also get an exemption from the RT Practical Test because of your military experience.


[1] Regarding EFTS logged flight times in your logbook. The CAA use block to block (brakes on/off) times.  You cannot add taxy time to the military flight times, so the 10 hour solo FW requirement is a mix of the two.

[2] ATPL(H)/CPL(H) holders need only do the 5 specific FW ground exams.

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